Steve House

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Steve House may not have been born in Colorado, but after living next to the Rocky Mountains for more than 15 years, he now says he certainly plans to die here.

The journey of Steve House from being an ill child to successful healthcare visionary, community engaged Rotarian and political involved independent thinker – is the work of God who has blessed him through out that journey.

Long before a successful 36 year career in healthcare, Steve’s path in life was far from certain. He was born the third of six children, to loving parents of modest means. They lived on six acres of farmland in the small town of Fowlerville, Michigan – land that was gifted to the family by Steve’s grandfather. A man who would later have a profound effect of the direction of Steve’s life.

Steve was seven years old when it was discovered that he had a serious birth defect that involved both of his kidneys and bladder. The news lead to both financial and personal hardships for Steve and his family. Some of Steve’s earliest memories are of multiple painful surgeries and of years of his father removing and reinserting catheters before he could go to school.

Over time Steve’s health improved and he became passionate about education. It was at the encouragement of his grandfather that Steve would become the first of his six brothers and sisters and the first of his 31 first cousins to attend college. Education changed the direction of Steve’s life and continues to be his passion – “There is no gift that will last longer, burn brighter or fill your belly more often — than the gift of learning.”

Steve and his wife Donna live in Brighton, she previously served as a member of the 27J school board. They have six children and six grandchildren -- six years of age and under.

A passion for service to my community, state and nation has informed every decision in Steve’s life, from serving as Colorado’s Republican State Party Chair beginning in 2015, to running for Colorado Governor in 2014 and now embarking on this journey to serve the citizens of the 6th Congressional District as their United States Congressman.