Steve House

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Colorado became my adopted forever home more than 15 years ago. There is no other place Donna and I would rather be than here at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Colorado is home and I live by the saying, “I may not have been born here, but I plan on dying here.”

Like many others, I had a challenging upbringing due to having a birth defect of the kidneys; a medical condition that inspired me to get involved in the healthcare industry at an early age. One of six brothers and sisters, I was the first of my family to attend college. Eventually I became an engineer working on the first CAT Scan machines installed in the United States.

During my successful and fulfilling 35-year career in healthcare, I have also worked with healthcare giants Philips, GE, Aetna and Kaiser doing global service management, sales, marketing, executive management and consulting.

Though I can’t take credit, my proudest accomplishment is my family. I am the proud husband to my wife Donna, who previously served as a member of the 27J school board. We have six children and six grandchildren six years of age and under. We are bound by our faith, friendship and respect for each other.

A passion for service to my community, state and nation has informed every decision in my life, from serving as Colorado’s Republican State Party Chair beginning in 2015, to running for Colorado Governor in 2014 and now embarking on this journey to serve the citizens of the 6th Congressional District as their United States Congressman.

No matter the challenge, my pragmatic focus on local, municipal and regional issues that affect Coloradans will always prevail over Washington bureaucracy. I know that Washington is only a destination to serve our cities and my heart and home will always be Brighton, Colorado.