(BRIGHTON, COLORADO) —  In his campaign for United States Congress, Steve House is both proud and humbled to share the results of his campaign fundraising efforts for the fourth quarter of 2019.

In less than four months since Steve House announced his campaign to return effective leadership and result-driven problem solving to the residents of the 6thCongressional District his campaign has raised a total of $500,159.25.

And while Coloradans waited for their freshman Congressman to address their immediate need for affordable healthcare, protection from illegal opioids being sold to their children, affordable education reforms and assistance in addressing Colorado’s faltering infrastructure – The House campaign collected $298,018.69 in big and small donations in the 4th quarter from frustrated and angry voters.

“Everywhere I go – my local grocery store or even at our church – neighbors come and share their heartbreaking stories of unaffordable prescription drugs or nonstop phone calls from collection agencies as they battle stage four breast cancer,” said House. “Coloradans need help addressing real problems, they need leadership in Washington from their Congressman and from what I hear from my neighbors… few care about Jason Crow’s nonstop crusade to impeach our president.”

Fiscally conservative, the Steve House campaign has $437,249.02 cash on hand to defeat the freshman Democrat following his first failed term in Congress. The House campaign continues to see both financial and volunteer support increase to remove Jason Crow in November.

“During the last several weeks, it has become abundantly clear to the residents of CD6 that Jason Crow is much more interested in the needs of Nancy Pelosi, House Democrats and MSNBC than addressing the immediate real-world problems of Coloradans,” Steve House said. “Many believed two years ago, that they had elected a ‘non-politician moderate’ who would work tirelessly in THEIR best interests. They had no idea that once in Washington, Jason Crow would rip the mask off to reveal he was actually a more radicalized Energizer Bunny — dedicated only to doing the bidding of the extreme left and Nancy Pelosi.”

Steve House has a long history as a problem solver, team builder, fiscal conservative and innovative thinker. As a trained engineer, Steve has collaborated with countless high-tech visionaries to create practical solutions to many of the challenges facing Colorado’s communities, small businesses, local governments and young families.

Steve House has outlined many bold ideas for Colorado at his website


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