Steve House Holds a Virtual Town Hall
(BRIGHTON, COLORADO) – As the Colorado House debates the 2020-2021 state budget, the differences in spending priorities between Republicans and the Democrats have never been more glaring.

Democrats  – who control both the House and Senate – have made it clear they intend to raid the state’s unclaimed property trust fund, the oil and gas severance tax fund, and take money from school construction cash and various state trust funds to balance the budget and fund liberal initiatives, and pet projects.

Steve holds a special virtual town hall this Friday – June 5th from 4 to 5pm. Joining Steve will be two key Republicans leading the fight in the House for fiscal responsibility, Assistant Minority Leader Rep. Kevin Van Winkle and Joint Budget Committee member Rep. Kim Ransom.

“Democrats would rather balance the state’s bloated $30.3 billion budget on the backs of seniors and the state’s disabled than cut $5,000 cash rebates to the wealthy electric car buyers,” said Steve House. “Democrats in the House have a lot of explaining to do to the Colorado taxpayer who are already recovering from an economy wrecked by coronavirus lockdowns and layoff, like why paying the college tuition of undocumented immigrants is a higher priority than lowering tuition costs for Coloradans.”

Join Steve Friday, June 5th for a virtual town hall on Facebook or in the Caucus Room.

Steve House is a life-long advocate, successful entrepreneur and innovative healthcare expert.  He presents a groundbreaking vision of economic development for Colorado that partners with high-tech companies, wealth managers and the federal government to create a boom in new construction, entrepreneurship, advanced education and homeownership.

Steve House has outlined many bold ideas for Colorado at his website

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