(Brighton, Colorado) — Steve House, the Republican nominee for Colorado’s 6th Congressional District of the United States Congress discusses Colorado energy sector’s long productive history and how over regulation and misinformation could eliminate more than 100,000 high paying Colorado jobs.

“Our long-term energy plan must include renewable energy sources but we shouldn’t sacrifice traditional energy sources now that will cost tens of thousands of jobs and negatively impact nearly every Colorado family,” Housesaid. “Thankfully, President Trump has made the United States and Colorado a leader in oil and gas because it is a pillar for our economy.”

Join us for this virtual event, Wednesday April 29th from 5:00pm to 6:00pmFacebook Live and Caucus Room. Steve’s special guest will be Dan Haley, President of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association.

“Colorado’s oil and natural gas industry has provided billions of dollars to local communities and to state coffers,” Steve House said. “We must continue to protect this vital part of Colorado’s economy  – which provides approximately $600 million for public education and higher education every year.”
“Now more than ever, Colorado’s energy industry partnerships will define the future of oil and gas operations in our state and beyond,” said Dan Haley, President of COGA. “To return manufacturing jobs to the United States and produce more goods at home, America will need to rely more on Colorado’s oil and gas resources.”

Set your expectations high and join us — Wednesday April 29th from 5:00pm to 6:00pm — as we power forward together and engage our energy future!

A life-long advocate, successful entrepreneur and innovative healthcare expert, Steve House presents a groundbreaking vision of economic development for Colorado that partners with high-tech companies, wealth managers and the federal government to create a boom in new construction, entrepreneurship, advanced education and homeownership.

Steve House has outlined many bold ideas for Colorado at his website

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