In Colorado, we are blessed with abundant and diverse natural resources, and the state is on the cutting edge of energy production and research, due in large part to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) located in Golden, Colorado.

In Congress, I will continue to support developing and utilizing American energy of all kinds. This includes the use of traditional power like coal, oil, nuclear, natural gas, along with the use of renewable energy such as wind, solar, hydroelectric power, and geothermal. Keeping our nation at the forefront of energy research and development must be a goal of any federal energy policy.

As part of energy development, we must also consider options to provide a cleaner environment that self regulates as mother nature has always done. Cleaning up plastic in waterways, encouraging countries in the world to move away from bio-mass generated energy like wood burning and moving to natural gas, encouraging new recycling techniques like what can be done with Asphalt shingles, and where possible reforestation because these things improve the environment and take advantage of innovation that makes our world better.

While clean and renewable resources provide us with an abundant amount of energy, reducing our overall energy usage though energy efficiency is necessary and is also beneficial to our environment. Making energy efficiency improvements to our outdated federal facilities will save taxpayer dollars, create a cleaner environment, and lower energy costs.

A balanced approach that expands energy exploration can help fuel our economic engine, and opportunities to utilize alternative and renewable energy sources reflect the reality that we need to continue American prosperity with cutting edge technology and environmental advances.

By focusing on responsible energy development, the reliability of energy sources, and keeping energy affordable, we have the potential to make a better life for all Americans and our nation more secure.