As the United States’ economy begins to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic, the government has a number of practical tools at its disposal to ensure that the jobs created by the investment are good jobs.

The government should support the U.S. economic recovery by investing in health care, airports, clean energy, broadband, education, and drinking water infrastructure. As the country emerges from the global pandemic, such a major infrastructure investment will be critical to the nation’s economic recovery.

Our economy recovered slowly from the severe recession in 2008, but it has begun to turn a corner. Americans are returning to work, corporate earnings are high and the stock market that prior to the coronavirus pandemic had risen to record levels.

The fact is, Colorado and America’s middleclass are still struggling to make ends meet. With labor force participation still unnervingly low and workers’ hourly earnings just beginning to show signs of growth, we still have a long way to go until the middle class feels like the recovery is real.

America’s families have reached unsurpassed levels of prosperity with ingenuity and innovation. However, Washington continues to operate under the faulty policy of throwing more taxpayer money at inefficient programs.

Washington needs more accountability, transparency, and leadership to manage out-of-control spending and a staggering multi-trillion dollar national debt, which will be passed on to our children and grandchildren. Taxpayer dollars need to be managed responsibly by Congress.