Americans pay for the best healthcare system in the world and they deserve to get that. Our system should be affordable, accessible, of the highest quality, and cover pre-existing conditions.

American Healthcare is currently the most expensive system in the world at 18% of our GDP and ranks 11th in the world in quality. Our life span lags the best system in the world by 5 years. To fix this system we must:

  • Implement Transparency in Pricing so that all products and services have a price tag
  • Eliminate the middleman on drug distribution, lowering drug costs by 35% at least and bring back US drug manufacturing as soon as possible.
  • Americans need incentive for wellness, and they need to control important parts of the financial side of their healthcare spending rather than leaving it to a third party.
  • We need to offer Americans health insurance options based on age bands so that all can be covered at much lower prices then we currently pay for health insurance premiums.

In the process of making significant changes to reduce the costly burden on American families, at some point we will have to repeal the affordable care act. No patching, supplement, workaround or prayer will fix this government-controlled type of healthcare.

A high-performing healthcare system will reward transparency, quality of care, stronger patient doctor relationship and better patient outcomes with lower costs, higher quality and greater patient satisfaction. Knowing the price of our healthcare and shopping for the best price and provider will lower medical costs and increase healthcare choices!


America has the best doctors, nurses, clinicians, medical schools and training structure in the entire world.  – Not having the most cost effective, highest quality system with the greatest life expectancy makes no sense and we will fix that.