Improving our local roads and highways represents an investment in our safety and future. As our communities grow, so should community development projects and road improvements.

Transportation infrastructure is critical to Colorado’s economy, whether it’s commuting in and around Denver, the thousand-plus daily flights through Denver International Airport, or the millions of pounds of freight passing through on our highways.

In a post COVID-19 world, our transportation needs may fluctuate but our strong need for a good reliable transportation system remains necessary. While some of our meetings maybe moved to virtual online, there will continue to be a need to transport goods, people who need services, or those who wish to enjoy Colorado’s mountains on a skiing trip.

We need an all-of-the-above strategy on transportation. This includes the traditional modes of travel on our roads and highways combined with new models like seamless mobility around our cities to reduce congestion.

With Colorado’s population growing at one of the fastest rates in the country, it is critical that we are making necessary investments in our state’s infrastructure to keep up with this growth. Some of our existing highways date back to the 1960s and were not designed to handle the millions who have moved into Colorado over the past several decades.

In order to remain economically competitive, Coloradans must be able to seamlessly travel and commute throughout the state.