Steve House Accepts the Republican Nomination to Represent Every Resident of the 6th Congressional District with Bold Leadership

(Thornton, Colorado) – Today, the Colorado Republican Party selected Steve House as their nominee to represent them in the 6th Congressional District for United States Congress. House received 93.5 percent of the vote.

By overwhelmingly selecting Steve House as their nominee to challenge freshman incumbent Congressman Jason Crow, delegates have affirmed House’s compassionate and unifying vision of strong leadership that will represent every Coloradan and each of his neighbors in CD6.

“Perhaps never before in our country’s history has it been more vital that we have elected leaders who govern with their ideas and not their fears. Now, is the time for experienced practical leadership in Washington – not bickering and finger pointing. I pledge to work tirelessly to represent each Coloradan, as we overcome the current Coronavirus pandemic and the effects of an economic tsunami that has followed,” said Steve House, Colorado’s Republican nominee for U.S. Congress. “Not only will we come back, but our great country will be better and strong than ever before!”

“Thank you to my fellow Republican challengers. Your passion and commitment made each of us better candidates and our Republican party stronger,” said House. “Ryan Gonzalez in particular has a voice that needs to be heard more from as we move forward in this campaign. Ryan’s personal story speaks to many voters in CD6 who feel left behind by both parties.”

Due to the highly infectious nature of the Coronavirus, this year’s Republican assembly nomination and election process was conducted digitally. For several weeks, Steve House has been in contact with longtime members of the Colorado state party, grassroots activists, delegates and stakeholders within the community by virtual debates, digital conversations, email and by his nomination video.

“I commend each of these patriotic CD6 delegates for their participation in this year’s unusual assembly process. They showed true civic commitment and pride in our state and national political system during a time of uncertainty,” Steve House said. “There is an excitement among members of both political parties and unaffiliated voters to see real leadership in addressing the problems facing Colorado families; rising healthcare costs, uncertainty at our borders and overcoming the Coronavirus and putting the U.S. economy back on track.”

A life-long advocate, successful entrepreneur, trained engineer and innovative healthcare expert, House presents a groundbreaking vision of economic development for 6th Congressional District that partners with high-tech companies, community organizations and the federal government to create a boom in new construction, entrepreneurship, advanced education and homeownership.

Steve House has outlined many bold ideas for Colorado at his website

Roger Hudson