Steve House on Healthcare

I want to make healthcare as transparent and as easy to purchase buying something on Amazon. It is time for a patient-centered approach that increases access, lowers costs, and protects our most vulnerable population.

  • Repeal Obamacare
  • Implement Transparency in Pricing
  • Bring back US drug manufacturing

First, before we are able to move forward with any significant change to reduce the costly burden on American families, we must face the facts and repeal Obamacare. No patching, supplement, workaround or prayer will fix this government-controlled type of healthcare.

A high performing healthcare system will reward transparency, quality of care, stronger patient doctor relationship and better patient outcomes with lower costs, higher quality and more patient satisfaction. Knowing the price of our healthcare and shopping for the best price and provider will lower medical costs and increase healthcare choices!

We are also going to bring back drug manufacturing to America where it belongs and reduce the cost to you at the same time.


America has the best healthcare system in the world – not because of its high cost — but because of innovative research done in the United States, the dedication of our well trained doctors and nurses, and the abundance of medical infrastructure and public health policy available to all Americans.

There’s no argument, the United States leads the way in both the quality of care and its exorbitant rising costs. An expense being passed onto hard working American families.