Steve House on Protecting the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment of our Constitution is fundamental to our American identity and is stitched into the fabric of our free society. As your Congressman, I will never vote to allow any Right granted to Americans under the Constitution to be removed or altered.

I believe strongly, anything that would change or alter the United States Constitution should be voted on by a direct vote by the People – and never simply changed by elected officials.

As many Coloradans are well aware, the Second Amendment has been repeatedly attacked and undermined. These misguided campaigns against a fundamental American right only seek to limit the freedoms of law-abiding citizens – while emboldening criminals. Americans must continue to have the right to determine how to best protect and defend themselves, their families and their property.

The vast majority of Americans have exercised their Second Amendment rights responsibly and I’m committed to encouraging such continued responsible firearm usage. We can and must focus on providing more community mental health services and preventing violent criminals from obtaining firearms. It continues to be vital to emphasize the importance of firearm training and safety – American ideals that have often been passed down from generation to generation of responsible gun owners.

I believe it is vital that Congress follow the principles of personal liberty that guided our founding fathers and protect the Second Amendment from needless government overreach.