Steve House Responds to President Trump’s State of the Union Address

(Arapahoe County, Colorado)  — Steve House, Republican candidate for Colorado’s sixth Congressional District issued the following statement regarding President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address to the nation this evening.

“President Donald Trump went before a hostile House of Representatives this evening to speak directly to the American people and to present his bold plan forward towards continued prosperity,” said congressional candidate Steve House. “And despite recent attempts to remove a duly elected president by Speaker Pelosi and failed impeachment manager Jason Crow, President Trump delivered tonight – Promising to heal the divide that Crow, Pelosi and Schiff have dug across our great country.”

President Trump was correct to take credit for many unprecedented successes such as signing new trade deals, building up our military, pushing our allies to carry more of our mutual defense burden, stemming illegal immigration, boosting incomes and jobs, confronting China’s cheating and spying, removing cumbersome regulations, increasing our energy capabilities and many other initiatives that have been met with resistance of Democrats.

“Colorado has benefited greatly from the policies of this president — from an unemployment rate at a 50 year low to homeownership which is rising most rapidly for those with income below the median level,” Steve House said.“Colorado, and the country will continue to prosper during President Trump’s second term and once we have returned the House to sane Republican leadership in November.”

Steve House has a long history as a problem solver, team builder, fiscal conservative and innovative thinker. As a trained engineer, Steve has collaborated with countless high-tech visionaries to create practical solutions to many of the challenges facing Colorado’s communities, small businesses, local governments and young families.

Steve House has outlined many bold ideas for Colorado at his website

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