Steve House Responds to Rep. Jason Crow Being Handpicked by Nancy Pelosi to Prosecute President Trump

(Thornton, Colorado)  Steve House, Republican candidate for Colorado’s sixth Congressional District issued the following statement regarding the announcement today by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that Democratic Congressman Jason Crow had been hand-picked to serve as one of the House managers to prosecute the case against President Trump in his Senate impeachment trial.

“It is not surprising that Jason Crow would be anxious to be the tip of the spear that would be used by House Democrats to attack the president and harm our great democracy further. Before even San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi called for the impeachment of our president, Jason Crow had convicted Donald Trump without witnesses or evidence,” said Steve House. “It is clear that this freshman Congressman doesn’t represent CD6, Colorado or the millions of Americans who elected Donald Trump president.”

Freshman Congressman Jason Crow is only one of seven members of the House personally selected by Nancy Pelosi to carry the highly controversial and divisive articles of impeachment to the Senate.

“In being handpicked by Pelosi to become one of only a handful of ‘impeachment managers,’ it has become clear that Jason Crow is a Washington insider who is far more aligned with the extreme left than the values of hard working Colorado families,” Steve House said. “Coloradans deserve a fulltime Congressman, not one that treats their needs like a part-time job so he can focus his full attention on politicizing the attempted removal of a duly elected president.”

Steve House is a life-long advocate, successful entrepreneur, trained engineer and innovative healthcare expert. He presents a groundbreaking vision of economic development for Sixth Congressional District that partners with high-tech companies, wealth managers and the federal government to create a boom in new construction, entrepreneurship, advanced education and homeownership.

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