(Brighton, Colorado) — While many Colorado small business owners are starting to see funds from the Paycheck Protection Program appear in their bank accounts,  many others are just days away from closing permanently – leaving countless Colorado workers out of a job.

Steve House, the Republican nominee for Colorado’s 6th Congressional District of the United States Congress discusses the options available to Colorado small businesses who have fallen through the cracks because of Washington Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Jason Crow.

Joining Steve House for this virtual town hall will be Mike Van Norstrand, Executive Director of Independent Bankers of Colorado. Steve and Mike will be answering online questions, sharing resources and discussing possible pitfalls.

This is a must attend event for small business owners and anyone interested in what Steve House aims to do to help solve this business crisis!

Join us on May 13th 2020 from 4:00pm to 5pm on either on Facebook on in the Caucus Room.

“Colorado small businesses continue to struggle to simply pay their rent and often the first cut, in an effort to remain open, are their employees. Getting these at risk entrepreneurs and hardworking Coloradans the resources they need should be a top priority and not simply a Democrat talking point,” said Steve House. “Until we can restart our country’s great economy, we must extend a reasonable financial lifeline to Colorado business owners who continue, despite huge hardships, to reach for their American Dream.”

Join us on May 13th 2020 from 4:00pm to 5pm on either on Facebook on in the Caucus Room.

Steve House is a life-long advocate, successful entrepreneur and innovative healthcare expert.  He presents a groundbreaking vision of economic development for Colorado that partners with high-tech companies, wealth managers and the federal government to create a boom in new construction, entrepreneurship, advanced education and homeownership.

Steve House has outlined many bold ideas for Colorado at his website

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